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2014 Holiday Orders - I've started the Holiday Order List and have room for approximately 40 orders and when I reach that number the list will close, and production will stop for 2014.   I expect this to happen no later than December 8th. The last shipping date for 2014 will be December 15th.  Any orders received after December 8th will be placed on the 2015 Order List.  These orders should begin shipping around the mid-January.  Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Welcome to  home of  the
ThirdHand and ThreeFinger grate lifting and hanging tools, Wiggle Rods as well as some other custom stainless steel barbecue tools. 
If you own any kind of charcoal fueled cooker, take a look at my selection of Custom Tools.  I may have something that is perfect for you. My tools are simple, yet extremely functional.  Even though these are specialized tools, they are meant to be used every time you use your charcoal barbecue, grill or smoker.

All my tools are fabricated from Grade 304 stainless steel,
they are designed and built in the USA.

For plenty of recipes, barbecue tips and more, visit 

  thirdeye's cookin' site  aka  Playing With Fire And Smoke
It's a one stop reference for all kinds of barbecue and grilling information. 
There are also loads of recipes including many from my guest Pit Bosses 

Just starting out with a barbecue, smoker or grill? 
Here is a great
read for newbies and old hands alike

I cover everything from planning your cook, to reheating your leftovers.

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     Here are some user photographs of my tools in action in a variety of situations




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